Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight,

and see the dawn before the rest of the world. ~Oscar Wilde~

madhouse ~ a disorderly, often noisy place.

a wild, confused, & often noisy place, set of circumstances, etc.: The office was a madhouse today.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

~Thank you Lord ~

Hello my dahhrlinks,
I felt really compelled to write tonight & say 'thank you' to the Lord above. I have been on a long journey trying to bring to fruition my dream ~ a dream to own my own business. I came from a fairly poor family that did without a lot of materialistic treasures. But what I was given was the determination to forge ahead when life gets tough. Going without when I was younger really made me appreciate MANY things today. I had somewhat trying times not just through my childhood but also in my adult life. I have tried to make the right decisions & have at times failed at this. I can say though that I have learnt my lessons & will not repeat the bad ones. You may be wondering where all this is heading & in fact I question that myself? ~ Blessed thee the Lord above ~ He has encouraged me to speak up even if others may be left bewildered or thoughts of what the! ~ I will have people ridiculing my thoughts that I have shared ~ Do I care? If I did I wouldn't of shared for the world to see! ~ He has shown me the way the whole time ~ He has tried to teach me the right from the wrong ~ I have made mistakes (many) but am thankful I guess because it has made me who I am today. I admit it. I ask for no gratification ~ just Love & Understanding.

My journey to Queen of the MaDhouse has been arduous at times & like walking up a very steep mountain. I have had highs when I have designed my Logo & selected the cosmetics to which I'm in love with to wear (& that is a must!) .. My lows have been trying to find the funds to get it where it is today ~beg, borrow but never steal! BEG & BORROW I have!

I sit here this evening contemplating my journey of where I have come from ~ Inala a suburb that is a lower socio economic area & somewhat of a negative class/name (BUT with some of the nicest people you will ever meet!). It's funny because I often wonder what I would be like today if my circumstances had of been different. I like who I am today & what I stand up for. I have been blessed by our Father but have only recently realised what He has given me. I don't go to Church on Sundays, I do drop the odd harsh word but I am ME & I do believe in God & do believe He has given me this gift to explore & MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I am often asked by those close to me, where did you come up with the name for your cosmetics or how did you decide on the Logo or what made you choose the style of packaging etc .... I have always had an eccentric side to me that was somewhat different to others but I believe God has chosen me & gifted to me every detail & thought has to how to present & represent myself with my new venture into self employment. ~Thank you ~

I have had times when thoughts (literally) have popped into my head at the most unusual times for Queen of the MaDhouse cosmetics. I have had to run to write them down before they went. You are only given a chance & that chance can diminish very quickly. I have learnt TAKE IT & RUN WITH IT. Will it work? who knows, am I going to sit on my backside & wonder? NO!

Follow me my dear friends on what is going to be the best ride of my life or the biggest one downhill!

Besides having my baby ~ 21 years ago! & a very supportive partner (John) that has encouraged me every step of the way (thank you darlings) I have not felt such exhilaration venturing into the unknown.

Thank you my dear Lord for what you have given me & I promise I will be the very best that I can be!

Love Giggi D.X
(The name you chose for me) X

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