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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is Confidence?

I believe Confidence is Courage! for it takes Courage to gain Confidence to fulfill your dreams or to venture into the unknown. The two words mean so much to someone that wants to apply themselves to a task or be it a new business. I never really understood the two until I decided to have my own Cosmetics label. It has been a real lesson to me to move onwards and upwards into a world where every decision you make will be scrutinized, whether that be the words that I pen (type) now or my look for my label that I have so keenly paid an enormous amount of attention to. 

I have faith in my product as I know it is exactly how I like my make up to look but also for the comments that I have received when wearing it. To experience the warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach when I receive that compliment is not to be underestimated. My feet literally lift off the ground making me feel 'yep, your on the right road, girlfriend- keep going!' .. smile :o)

I'm sharing this because today I met an awesome lady that is very keen to have my products in her boutique. Not only did she love my make up look today (with MY products .. squeeling here!) lol... but she loved my concept ...... for which you will all see more of very shortly. It seriously brought so much delight into my whole body seeing the excitement on her face and that whole girly, girly frenzy that we were fast getting into ... talking about makeup! So Super Super HAPPY to see HER excitement and interest.

The funny thing also is that because I have poured so much money into my little venture I had very little left to get my front teeth fixed! Yep, I had a cracked tooth right dead set in the middle of my gob! Do you know how difficult (embarrassing) it was to talk to this lady, the Area Manager by the way! and try and smile without showing cracked teeth! That was very hard when I could feel a gynormous cackle coming on and also feeling that the crack was getting bigger the more I kept talking to her ... lol! Confidence! I kept thinking - don't think about the teeth - just keep talking about MY products! Courage! - keep talking about MY products! ha..

This is all very new to me as I normally 'just shop' but now I'm trying to SELL my product! I could feel hives coming up on my chest and my cheeks were flushed (and not from my product!) .. I was so nervous but all in all once we got talking I got EXCITED! lol .... What a lesson - it does take enormous willpower to get the first word out and then to continue with the rest of the sentence which felt like I somehow forgot how to talk!? Breathe I kept saying to myself - this is new, yes but stop the crap and get on with it. I'm out of my comfort zone and yes I DO have to talk to people now so get going Nigel and spill my guts as to what a farrrrbulous product I have - and that I did!

How ridiculously funny it is to go over the day's events like a slow rolling movie showing 'moi' smiling with mouth closed (like the joker!), head down, sideways, upwards - somehow so she wouldn't see that cracked tooth!and still get through it!

I made my mind up after that little 'meeting' that I was heading to the dentist that afternoon regardless if I was going to have to spend the grocery money........ (who needs to eat anyway!) ...

Fast forward Dentist! - 
Mind you I nearly had heart failure when the dentist advised that I would require porcelain crowns ($3000).... Hmmm, sitting in that darn horrible dentally chair that always makes my heart pound out of my chest I courageously asked if he had a cheaper alternative. In other words can you just bog it up like you do with an old car that has rust and perhaps for a dollar! ha....

My lovely dentist ummed and ahhhed .... until finally I butted in and said, 'Look I have a photo shoot on the weekend and I really need a short term fix so I don't look like some weirdo that is afraid of the camera and doesn't smile!' .... Alas a miracle happened ....... two fillings later at $150 a pop and whalla .... my smile is back - if somewhat bogged up! 

See Confidence and Courage to speak up even if it's embarrassing (and to a man with a drill! and look what happened!) ..   :o)

Now I feel much better and Super Confident to talk to MANY (fingers crossed) more Area Managers and the like about my gorgeous products accompanied with a Super Duper smile :oD

By the way ... to the Area Manager 'thank you' for making me get my act together in fixing my teeth and for also making me feel wonderful about my venture into the unknown ..... I WILL BE IN CONTACT! 

Love Giggi D. X

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