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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make up styles to suit Blonde's.

Ever wondered what colour make up would suit your hair colour or just needed some inspiration? I know I have so I have tried to help us wee lassies by posting some images. 

Take a look!

~Kylie Minogue ~
Light Brown Eye Brows, White Eye Shadow/Liner, Black Liquid/Gel Eyeliner, Thick Black Mascara, Red Lips and of  course the Perfect Foundation.
~Hayden Panatterie~
Skin Tone (Beige) Eye Shadow, Black Liner, Thick Black Mascara, Red Lips, Cheek Highlighter, Perfect Colour Foundation.
~Jessica Simpson~
                         Similar selections as above!                             
~Jessica Simpson~
Just a different shade of lippy!
~Sarah Harding~
Light Brown Eye Brows, Dark Smokey Eyes, Black Eye Liner, Thick Black Mascara, Cheek Highlighter,
Very Light Colored Lips, Perfect Match Foundation.

Hope this has helped ~ have fun EXPERIMENTING!

Love Giggi D.X

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