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Thursday, July 21, 2011

~ Make Up Brushes - What do I use?

Having Trouble Knowing 
Which Brush To Use?

For The Eyes

There are 4 main brushes you should have for your eye makeup…..
This brush is used to pack on color to the lid.  It needs to be flat so you can pat on the eyeshadow over your eye primer,  and it needs to be stiff so it picks up plenty of colour.
This brush is used for creating the perfect smoky eye, for feathering in darker eyeshadows, and for applying more colour to the crease. 
This brush is just like the stiff dome brush but much softer- it creates a much softer blended look.   It is used for blending shadow under the brow, applying a softer amount of colour in the crease, and even for applying powder under the eyes to prevent that creasing throughout the day.
This brush is used for smudging eyeshadow under the lower lashline, for smudging eyeliner, or for creating a very defined crease.  The smaller tip allows for more precise lines.

For The Face

There are really only a few brushes you need for the face- it really depends on what you wear. 
This brush is used for stippling foundation onto the skin for a more airbrushed finish.  The bristles need to be stiff in order to hold up to the foundation and not streak.
This brush is used for applying darker powder under the cheekbones to create a contoured effect- it makes the cheekbones stand out and your face look slimmer.  This brush isn’t absolutely necessary unless you want to contour your cheekbones, but I recommend having if you are a makeup artist…
This brush is used for applying powder blush to the cheeks.  It needs to be angled so the blush is easier to blend, and it needs to be soft so it doesn’t pick up too much colour.
This brush can be used for many things- light application of foundation, applying a small amount of blush to the cheeks, or for highlighting the top of the cheekbones.  My favourite use is for highlighting as the bristles are soft and pick up little colour, and it is small enough to not cover the whole face with shimmer.  This isn’t an absolute necessary brush for your kit, but definitely nice to have.

* I tend to use lipstick tubes rather than lip brushes as I find it easier - if using a lip brush it's only to touch up edges or corners. Just my personal preference :o)
Example of Make Up Brush Kit
A must-have! Fifteen amazing brushes in one stylish kit. Great for anyone from the professional makeup artist to the casual makeup user. 1. Medium Powder 2. Blush 3. Foundation Brush 4. Concealer 5 .Contour just for kit 6. Crease 
7. Large Angle Crease 8.Mini Fluff 9. Small Fluff 10. Medium Fluff 11. Large Fluff 12. Brow Lash just for kit 13. Eyeliner 14. Angle Detailer 15. Lip just for kit
Love Giggi D.X
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