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Thursday, September 1, 2011

~ Update ~

Hello Lil Ladies,

Thought as I was here editing some photo's on my Blog (as there were double up's - sorry!) I would let you know what the heck is happening with the long awaited launch of Queen of the MaDhouse cosmetics.

Where do I start? .. What has been an extraordinary journey has also been extremely frustrating at times. When I decided to start this little (lol) venture I was, I guess kind of naive as to the actual process/s.

It reminded me of when I decided to do a nail art/tech course. I thought I could go in learn how to whip some false nails on and that was it! Ahh no! Not at all. At the end of that course I was sure I would be qualified as a Doctor! Seriously, oh the memories of Bacteriology (ohhh shiver or rather quiver at the thought of it!)... Talk about stressful!

Anyways moving on ..... with my business all my employees (ME) have had to organise everything from scratch and just when I think I'm moving forward I get the whole Bacteriology quiver thingy happening (STRESS) .. Don't get me wrong it has really been an awesome journey but at times when trying to put the puzzle together for the ACTUAL launch, let's just say sometimes it has hit a plateau...

Patience is the biggest factor. It takes a lot as you are waiting on other people to move things along as quickly for you as well. Most of all everyone has been wonderful but as you get to the very end it feels as though time has suddenly stood still.

What am I waiting on? - The dies for my packaging have been complete but the actual process of getting the boxes made has been a little slow as they all have to be checked and checked and re-checked. Then once they are made I will send them to be glued and then I can finally launch. How long? Let's say another 2 weeks (ish).

I must also mention that the photos that you see on my Blog or Facebook of myself have only had backgrounds cropped and my mole toned down on my face (think Nanny McPhee - I really think it's getting bigger! - If it starts to sprout hair it's gone! lol.. ) No other editing is done to make you believe that I am a 21 year old when I am 41! ... Yea you probably realise that .. lol ...

As this is my first real business venture and I am just starting out please don't concentrate too much on any flaws that you may see ;o) ... This is the real me with my real products, although colours of make up may vary from monitor to monitor.

So for the meantime I will still try and Blog many interesting things for you to read or view. Please don't forget to Follow My Blog on the left hand side of the page as I'd love to see where in the world people are viewing from and also don't forget to leave a comment, that would be wonderful :o)

Hopefully next time I add the update it will be for the LAUNCH *squeal* ..... :o)

Love Giggi D.X

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