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Monday, October 3, 2011

~ Towing the car! ~

Attention Everyone, Chrissy is being towed to my work, because Lee has a new job and is testing out his new tow truck, omg how hilarious:)

& responses are ....


    • Kevina  As my sister Marg says, madness runs in the family, especially with me with my iron called princess :)
      31 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    •  I want pictures! That is so MaD ... Belly laughing here ... hahahahhaha!
      26 minutes ago 

    • Michelle  least chrissy will save fuel
      16 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Kevina  I know, when she arrives, I'm taking a photo xxx
      16 minutes ago · 

    • Michelle  cool bean xxxxxxxx
      14 minutes ago · 

    • Margaret  Saving fuel ...... oh Shell that's hilarious! .. You lot are a bunch of nutz!
      5 minutes ago · 

Please let me explain....

My sister's fiance got a new job as a tow truck driver and was so eager to tow someone he telephoned his fiance (Chrissy - my sis) and said not to worry about driving home from work that he would ..... 'tow' her!

I am laughing out aloud as I am telling this because I really do come from a family of nutty people. They are all comedians and love nothing but LAUGHTER! I'm not joking - so many people love going to my Ma's place because all they do is laugh! I have VERY VERY fond memories of growing up with my Ma and sisters and brothers because we all laughed so much.

Anyway .... 'the towing'....

Chrissy telephoned my other sis and told her about the towing and that Lee (her fiance) and her would be at her work shortly to pick up their kiddies.

Kevina (my other sis) telephoned me and told me about it and said that she had to tell me because it was hysterical! She said she was going to take a photo because it was so funny and that she was putting it on Facebook! (as above) ..

My other sis Michelle's comment 'of saving fuel' just about crippled me! Bahahahahha!

As you can see Chrissy's car has been towed! - Lee and Chrissy are in the tow truck looking as proud as punch or peach or whatever that saying is................. (I can never remember those sayings - just ask my Ma, she'll agree!) .....

I hope you have had a jolly good belly laugh because I have and always will with my family because we are all CRAZY!

Stay tuned for the next 'funny' from my whacky family!

Love & MaDness in the family ~ Giggi D.X


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