Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight,

and see the dawn before the rest of the world. ~Oscar Wilde~

madhouse ~ a disorderly, often noisy place.

a wild, confused, & often noisy place, set of circumstances, etc.: The office was a madhouse today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~ Morning Star Estate Melbourne ~

.... On the day of Dad's farewell service we were invited back to the Morning Star Estate, Mt Eliza for memories and farewell drinks ~ what an amazing service (Gord you exceeded in honoring your father ~ what a heartfelt loving send off) full of memories, photographs, history of a man that traveled the world and made a difference to so many people's lives. His achievements and successes through hard work and a gutsy determination leave me with absolute respect and an enormous amount of love ~ pure love ~ 

Have you often wondered why such things happen on some days ~ I mean do you question why you were chosen to be in a certain place at a certain time?? ~ I have and I do .... For example as this day was a day of celebrating Jacks (Dad's) life what followed was just magical ~

I got to meet Judy Barrett, the Managing Director of Morning State Estate ~ WOW! ~ Wow not because of her title or the face of such an exceptional 'place' but the woman behind it all. Did you just hear .... WOMAN!!! ... yes, the WOMAN!!! Okay, you get my drift .....

Judy took me for a walk around the 'rose garden' ~ thousands and thousands of beautiful roses ~ all of which she planted HERSELF! Yes ...... HERSELF! ...... (can hear the chimes of halleluyah, halleluyah right now!) .... Seriously if you had of seen this property and what has been at the hands of this woman you would be singing the same praises as I!

We walked and we talked about her journey to bringing the old boys home to it's grand glory ~ although work still has to be done in places ~ it is without doubt an extraordinary story of not one but many achievements of a very interesting lady.

We toured the ballroom and I listened to her stories of making it what it is today ....... truly inspiring ~ truly gifted....

I cheekingly asked to see her quarters (yes I know, maybe a little bit rude ~ but I got so wrapped up in everything I wanted to see EVERYTHING!) .... I didn't get to as Judy had work in progress and for a woman with exceedingly high standards I totally understand ~ although I did get a promise of next time I visit ~ squealing here!

Judy, without Jack I would of never of met you ~ so it is with enormous gratitude under very difficult circumstances that I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to show me around your splendid overwhelmingly beautiful 'place' ~ thank you xoxoxo

I also got to meet Judy's daughter Christine ~ what a nut! I say this with a heart full of love because she showed me herself and a quick witted funny young lady she is ~ exactly as I like! ;) ... 

Please share these photos of 'Judy's place' as you will not only adore what you see but you will be taken to another time ......... bless..

~ Thank you ~

Love & gratitude Margaret X

~ Melbourne 13/11/2011 ~ Myer Christmas Window ~

The passing of John's beloved father led us to Melbourne on the weekend to say our farewells. We arrived the day before the service and decided to drive around John's old home town. We went through the inner city and passed the Myer Christmas windows (of course we had to park the car and have a closer look). The lines full of people were expected as John told me these window displays draw people from everywhere (and I can see why!). 

Even as an adult (?) I was feeling pretty warm at seeing the displays but more so of all the kiddlywinks watching with eyes as big as the sun! The feeling was pure magic! ~ I love anything that leaves you walking away with simply 'a good feeling' ~ 

As hard as this weekend was going to be with the passing of John's father it was also a time to appreciate the simplicities of life (for which I'm certain John's dad would of agreed with). I am saving my post for sharing the commerative day of 'Jack' as this is what unfolded prior to his service and I believe were a gift from him to show me what Melbourne has to offer. As I said, enjoying the simplicities and feeling his spirit around us.

Please enjoy these photos of the blessings that Christmas is to bring to each and every one of us.

Love & MaDness with an early sprinkle of Christmas cheer ~ Giggi D.X

~ Raquel ~ Kabuki ~ Christmas Party 2011

Kabuki Teppanyaki Restaurant

...eating a prawn head ~ barbecued of course!

... please tell me if I have prawn stuck in my teef!

Kiddo had an awesome time at her Christmas party as you can see.
... following in Mummy's footsteps of being yourself no matter what!
Love it!

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

Thursday, November 10, 2011

~ Raquel & George ~

...was Georgia now George!
yep ... thought a girl but no ... a boy!

yes! .. on her bed!

nothing like a swim in the wheelbarrow...

all grown up! ...

Raquel LOVES all animals!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ Progress for the Queen! ~

Hello my fellow MaD ones! ..

Had meetings yesterday with packaging, have been told I should receive in less than 2 weeks! .... (thank the Lord!) ...

The process for all this 'stuff' has been slow and steady with the realisation that 'Rome wasn't built in a day!' .... (why not?) .. ;)

'Astounding' would be the appropriate word I think of the planning and organising of getting this all together. Every little step has been as tedious as threading a needle (without glasses on!) ... But furthermore to see what goes on in the 'backstage of development' has left me in awe of all those people that work behind the scenes. Without them (it just wouldn't happen - if not as quickly as I would like!) so I say a BIG 'THANKYOU' to all those wonderful (sometimes forgotten lovelies) for doing/giving their expertise in 'flourishing' my baby. 

From the very beginning I have overseen every step of my 'creation' and yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people to do business with. I 'drink' in every person I meet and love to get a real insight into their personality (usually by talking my head off and asking 101 questions!) .. Mostly it's just trying to keep the conversation going as that 'awkward moment' of when the conversation stops leaves me uncomfortable so I'll just rattle on about anything (sometimes the most stupid of questions are asked!) .. lol...

Going over the detail of processes in action and being SO involved left me very impressed with the abilities of 'the experts'. To have 'think tanks' over the best possible outcome was so rewarding as their heart was in it just as much as mine. I guess it makes sense really - we are two businesses working together ... hello! ....

Trying to contain my excitement was like shaking a bottle of soda and then letting off the cap (slowly!) ... Yes! .. the countdown is on - my packaging should be complete by the end of next week ... oh and then the fun part is folding them all ourselves to put the products into (to save money! .. ugh this is the ugly part - 6000 sheets to be hand folded!) .... Once that is done (should be finished by next Easter .... kidding!) .. I'll stay awake 24hours to get this baby out there! 

So my MaD one's with what has been a patience test will finally have it's rewards .... keep your fingers crossed with me and hopefully my next 'gossip' session will be for the LAUNCH! ~ yikes!!!!!! XOXO

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

~ The Queen's Brochure # 1 ~


On the print run! 
Just another 'thing' out the way .... YAY!!!

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

Friday, November 4, 2011

~ Make Up Looks ~ Queen of the MaDhouse cosmetics ~

Queen's cosmetics used ~

Manic Foundation Primer
Mayhem High Density Cover Up Foundation ~ Deep Beige
Raven MaD Matte Eye Shadow ~ Kylie (for the eyebrows ~ applied with Brush # 604)
Maudy Lourdy Silk Eye Shadow ~ 5 minutes! (applied over lower lid)
Maudy Lourdy Silk Eye Shadow ~ 'The Eye Roll' (above 5 minutes!)
Maudy Lourdy Silk Eye Shadow ~ Migraine (above 'The Eye Roll' & blended .. also used as eyeliner)
Maudy Lourdy Silk Eye Shadow ~ Long Story Short! (middle of eyebrow to highlight)
Lunatic Eye Liner Pencil ~ Coffee
Snooty Wooty Ultimate Volume Mascara ~ Black
Ooh Aah Lip Gel ~ Lulu

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~ Raquel ~ Melbourne Cup ~

Kiddo couldn't make it to the races but got into the spirit by making her own fascinator (out of paper!). 

How creative is this little butterfly!

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~ Melbourne Cup 1/11/2011 ~


For the very first time I went to Eagle Farm Race Track and watched the Melbourne Cup race on the big screen. Also for the first time (in ages!) I got to dress up (rather than wearing shorts and a t-shirt everyday!) ..

All I can say is I was really in awe of all the fashionista's and not just the ladies! Awesome!

John got into the craze and purchased a bowler hat and braces as well as going further by 'twisting' his moustache up on the ends to imitate a 'portly gentleman' ...

I played it safe and wore a little black dress with some bling and of course accentuated the whole with my farbulous fascinator/hat...

To walk amongst the crowd feeling so 'posh and la de dar' was fantastic (if not fake!) .. lol.. Seeing the ladies sashaying with their dresses and heels, made up faces and limbs dangling with bling was truly sweet. One big fashion parade. Imagine if we dressed up like that everyday! ... (oh too much effort!) ...

There was of course the winners and losers .... and well I was a loser but John came out a winner ~ all in all we came out even so we were happy ....Can't wait for next year!

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

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