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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~ Morning Star Estate Melbourne ~

.... On the day of Dad's farewell service we were invited back to the Morning Star Estate, Mt Eliza for memories and farewell drinks ~ what an amazing service (Gord you exceeded in honoring your father ~ what a heartfelt loving send off) full of memories, photographs, history of a man that traveled the world and made a difference to so many people's lives. His achievements and successes through hard work and a gutsy determination leave me with absolute respect and an enormous amount of love ~ pure love ~ 

Have you often wondered why such things happen on some days ~ I mean do you question why you were chosen to be in a certain place at a certain time?? ~ I have and I do .... For example as this day was a day of celebrating Jacks (Dad's) life what followed was just magical ~

I got to meet Judy Barrett, the Managing Director of Morning State Estate ~ WOW! ~ Wow not because of her title or the face of such an exceptional 'place' but the woman behind it all. Did you just hear .... WOMAN!!! ... yes, the WOMAN!!! Okay, you get my drift .....

Judy took me for a walk around the 'rose garden' ~ thousands and thousands of beautiful roses ~ all of which she planted HERSELF! Yes ...... HERSELF! ...... (can hear the chimes of halleluyah, halleluyah right now!) .... Seriously if you had of seen this property and what has been at the hands of this woman you would be singing the same praises as I!

We walked and we talked about her journey to bringing the old boys home to it's grand glory ~ although work still has to be done in places ~ it is without doubt an extraordinary story of not one but many achievements of a very interesting lady.

We toured the ballroom and I listened to her stories of making it what it is today ....... truly inspiring ~ truly gifted....

I cheekingly asked to see her quarters (yes I know, maybe a little bit rude ~ but I got so wrapped up in everything I wanted to see EVERYTHING!) .... I didn't get to as Judy had work in progress and for a woman with exceedingly high standards I totally understand ~ although I did get a promise of next time I visit ~ squealing here!

Judy, without Jack I would of never of met you ~ so it is with enormous gratitude under very difficult circumstances that I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to show me around your splendid overwhelmingly beautiful 'place' ~ thank you xoxoxo

I also got to meet Judy's daughter Christine ~ what a nut! I say this with a heart full of love because she showed me herself and a quick witted funny young lady she is ~ exactly as I like! ;) ... 

Please share these photos of 'Judy's place' as you will not only adore what you see but you will be taken to another time ......... bless..

~ Thank you ~

Love & gratitude Margaret X

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