Yes, I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight,

and see the dawn before the rest of the world. ~Oscar Wilde~

madhouse ~ a disorderly, often noisy place.

a wild, confused, & often noisy place, set of circumstances, etc.: The office was a madhouse today.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

~ The Launch 4th January, 2012 ~

...well the long awaited launch of Queen of the MaDhouse cosmetics has come and gone....

The 4th January, 2012 will be a day I will never forget. How do I feel?

I waited in anticipation for THAT first order and it didn't come until late in the evening! I sat around all day waiting to see as anyone would if my hard work was going to bring any rewards. To say waiting all day until the evening to see that order was easy ~ WASN'T! ... I have no fingernails left - does that give you any idea! lol ...

What went through my mind was numbness actually, a numb feeling of 'sh*t ... what happens if I don't sell anything!'. I had read many stories of people opening up their own business and thinking the same but I really didn't get it until it was going to happen to me. I guess it's the same cliche that one doesn't until one is put in that very situation. Not only was I feeling numb I was feeling sick in the stomach as well. I knew my products were fantastic and of very good quality but with being a newbie on the block how do I portray this. I had my marketing in place, talked about it often enough but now what!? .. I have always said to myself that if my business worked then great, if it didn't then at least I gave it my all. What a load of bullsh*t, who was I kidding. I have just spent over a year getting this baby out of the cradle and to give it all up with an attitude of 'oh well!' .... (yeah right!) ... lol ... I hope you have my impression etched in your mind now that I won't give up, nope! The learning part of this equation is just because something doesn't happen straight away - yeah you get my drift - the shampoo ad of 'it won't happen over night but it will happen!' and that it did.

My orders (thank you SO much to my valued customers) were received on the evening of the 4th and I was so excited I didn't know what to start with first ... lol... I had set up my own accounting software with hardly any experience and was now going to invoice .. sh***********t! ;)
I took a deep breath and entered all the customer/s details in etc and well what do you know I did it! (Yeah I'm good, yeah I'm good rang in my head, like some warped idiot!) lol ....

Holy smoke now I had to use my eftpos machine for the first time. Looking at that contraption was like operating something from out of space. I have used these before but for when it was for someone else's company and that well if I stuffed it, it was going to be someone else's problem - but now it was going to be mine! Okay, concentrate M.A.R.G.A.R.E.T. - 'YOU CAN DO IT!' .... such a drama queen aren't I! .. Holy mackeral only two stuff ups and it worked! lol ... yep only two! .... The concentration on my face and the ability to perform something in slow motion happened. It was as though everything stood still - seriously - what a hoot! So funny even telling you this, but I am because all those would be entrepreneurs will find this VERY helpful, (I hope!)  ;p

So as it was, my orders were placed and invoiced. All I had to do now was package the babies up and off we go to the post office the next day. Well if I thought I had nerves the night before - the day of the post office was as if I entered another galaxy - again seriously - it was all so surreal - here I was sending off my stock, my babies, my make up, MY BRAND! for the very first time. What a moment! For someone that usually has it all together I was now dumb! - yep dumb! - um ....... what should I do first! WHAT THE! - What the heck is wrong with me. I hope for anyone reading this it is all too familiar when opening up your own business if not - well then I need serious help!.... ;p

Stock was finally posted and the feeling of relief, elation and down right self satisfaction felt really good. It was complete my first order/s were sent on their way to their new home. Although I still have 'things' to tweak I am happy with my first day and how it was handled (somewhat!) ...

Now to get used to balancing my eftpos, banking statements and the like ... ugh! .....

My journey has 'really' started and now I also look forward to my first Party Plan! ... now this should be a hoot - that I will tell you all about soon *smiling to myself here* ......

Stay with me if you want to hear all about the nuttiness of my steps forward into the unknown. I am positively sure you will get a laugh or two!

PS: Thank you again to those lovely Loonies that made a purchase I hope you are over the moon with your purchases and they lift you as you have lifted me ~ xXx ~

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X


  1. Im so proud of you sis:)

    Love Bean xxx

  2. Thank you so much Melissa :) ~ what a long journey it has been.(I think I need a vacation!) lol ... And thank you for being a huge part in bringing it to fruition. I will be forever grateful xXx

  3. Thank you my darling Sis ~ that really means a lot xXx ~


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