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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kat rocked the QOTM Party!

Insanely Beautiful 


Seriously what can I say ~ these girls rocked on Sunday! I am overly ecstatic at these photo's of Kat, Jess1 and Jess2.

Kat (Katrina) had her QOTM party and what a MaD time was had.

These little Princess wanted some different looks than what they were 'used' to and well check them out!

Kat who hosted the party rocked with her colours that Jess1 had applied. Beautiful came to mind when I was watching Jess1 transform her sister with colours that complimented her beautiful face and smile. Lookin good hunni ~ looking very good :D

Talk about laugh as these two sisters played. The comical atmosphere left us in giggles many times (still laughing now!).

Jess1 just wanted make up on ~ didn't matter what I applied ~ let's just play was her comment. Her sparkling eyes was enough but with adding QOTM products she glistened with a stunning make over. Well hellooooooo Jessica! Woohoo babe  ~ your gorgeous! (Even though you love to pull faces!) ;p 

 Ahhh the joy of experimenting ;)

Jess2 ~ O.M.G.! ~ Why? because this little lady wanted to try red (RED) lipstick. You know the colour that just about every gal is afraid to try! Look at her ~ WOWZA! ~ Red hunni suits you so well. This butterfly knows how to work the camera as well. Throw on some MaD stuff and you will no doubt find your inner alias as Jess2 proved. Check out that sparkle in her eyes ..... 

Kat's little bubba was to make an appearance as well in his jolly jumper (so kept us laughing!) ... I also noticed he had one of those colourful lip smackers on his cheeks ~ planted by one of his adoring princesses of course! ~ :D

Out came Kat's organiser with her collection of QOTM that she started when we first launched. I felt teary and elated seeing these babies in there new home. Me, sensitive I know, but very humbled by her comments of how much she loves them. *We love you too sweety - you're one of us now! ;p ...

Oh and mustn't forget the 'Charlie's Angels' pose! Hysterical ~ you three are totally looney! ... Love it! ... You fit right in! Ha.....

All I can say is these three princesses looked so 'Insanely Beautiful' I was left speechless ~

Thank you Kat for holding a QOTM party and also thank you for the feeling of heartfelt happiness when I left ~ Love you all X

... until next time ...

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

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