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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kayla and Jade! ~

Kayla and Jade popped in today to check out what Queen was all about. Kayla was interested in some lippies and foundations whilst Jade wanted eye shadows and lippies.

The beautiful Kayla was very impressed with the Mayhem High Density Cover Up Foundations as well as the Vinnie Quaid Pressed Powders - thus her colours that suited her skin type were chosen.

Oh and then it was time for the lippies - which colour/s? After trying on a few shades this sweet princess made her choices (Whacky and Cheeky). Both Jade and I turned around to see Kayla had popped on some Ooh Aah Lip Gel (Bella in particular) and well the grin on her face said it all! Yep she had to have that too! .. What was her comment - "I feel as though my lips are plumped!" and that's exactly what they do feel like when you pop on the gels ....

Aah the smiles! ....... :D

Now for the gorgeous Jade. This princess was after eye shadows and headed straight for the M.I.S.F.I.T. Creme Eye Shadows - yep she also found the colours she was after (Misty Blue and Silver Mauve) ..

Jade was also interested in trying on a different coloured lippy - something a lil darker than what she normally wears - 'Alter Ego' did just that and it suited her to a 'T' ..

Check out these photo's of the girls ~ oooh lala ~


Kayla wearing Mayhem Foundation, Vinnie Quaid Powder, Nut Case Lippy in Whacky!

Nut Case lippy in Grand

Nut Case lippy in Cheeky

Ooh Aah Lip Gel in Bella (over the top of Cheeky)

Jade wearing Nut Case Lippy in Alter Ego!

Interested in looking this 'Insanely Beautiful'too? - visit to find the colour/s that suit you!

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

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