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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make Up Looks with Giggi D.X

Trying out my cosmetics tonight and perfecting my Colonel Klink liquid Eye Liner ...

Here is what I used..

Manic Foundation Primer
Donny Grayson Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation w/SPF15 - MC3 (Tan) - gorgeous for those that like a deeper colour!
Mind Bender Bold Effect Eye Shadow - Lyn (bottom of lid)
Mind Bender Bold Effect Eye Shadow - Hannah (above Lyn)
Mind Bender Bold Effect Eye Shadow - Donna (inner corner of eye's)
Colonel Klink Liquid Eye Liner - Black (over bottom of lid nearest eyelashes)
Raven MaD Matte Eye Shadow - Bianca (above Hannah)
Raven MaD Matte Eye Shadow - Rennie (highlight under brows)
Raven MaD Matte Eye Shadow - Lilyan (eye brows and used as eyeliner)
State of MaDness Powder Blush - Fawn (applied with Wicked Kabuki Brush)
Shimmy Shimmy Pearl Lipstick - Chrissy - outlined with Kingdom of MaD Lip Liner - Daiquiri

*** I forgot to put mascara on!!!! Ha ....

All these beauties available at

Love & MaDness Giggi D.X

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