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Sunday, June 17, 2012

~ Terri's 21st Birthday ~

Wow, what a day! or rather night! Terri (my step daughter) celebrated her 21st Birthday by going to a fantastic Japanese Restaurant in the City - 'Kabuki' ..

The food was so beautiful and fresh and the entertainment was quite humorous! Think trying to catch an uncooked egg into a bowl while it's flying through the air! You will see we have bibs on and for this purpose exactly! Terri's boyfriend Mark unfortunately hasn't learnt to catch yet! *wink wink* - Yep he ended up with egg on his face  .. er pants! You will see in some pics his trousers look as though something has spilt on them (that's why!) ..... Bahahhaha! - sorry Mark ;p

After Kabuki we headed to South Bank Parkland's for a stroll along the river and Terri in all her birthday madness wanted to have a ride on the HUGE Ferris wheel (also know as the 'eye'!) ..

I refused to go on and so did Mark - forget it!

Not one to feel like a wimp I ended up pumping my chest out by saying 'oh what the heck!' ..... stupid, stupid, stupid woman!

While Mark stayed with both feet planted firmly on the ground - totally enjoying an ice cream mind you - us three 'hero's' walked into the carriage like we had done this a zillion times before .....

As you will see by the pics it wasn't quite as we thought - that's a loooooooooooooooooooooong way up in the air and I'm sure I saw where Buzz landed on the moon!

Birthday girl was all for it until we started going uuuuuuuuuuuup! - 

John the 'biggest hero' nearly had a dizzy spell - so it was up to me (who filled her trousers while waiting in line) to comfort these two that soooooooooooooo wanted to go on the thing!

All in all it was hilarious as we all at times felt giddy but as true little soldiers we endured the 'pain' and went around 4 times - even while stopping up the top to view the deep black horizon above (better than looking down!) ;)

Once we 'landed' we then caught the bike ridey thingy cabs as our feet were killing us - you will see pics of Mark and the little birthday girl had their shoes off!

As we sped off into the night back to the car park the cyclist/rider/cab driver (not sure of their title - maybe chauffeur?) cranked up .......................... AC/DC .................... what a perfect way to end Terri's birthday - blasting through the streets with people walking by doing a move to Acca Dacca! ...

Check out the pics - sorry there is so many but as usual we all love to take photo's (don't we!) :D

*As there are so many photo's - for some reason they ended up not in order (darn computer - not the operator!) ;)

Will take sooooooooooooooo long to fix up - so please excuse the mish mash ;)

*Oh and by the way Terri looooooooooooooooooooooooves Giraffe's!

Happy, Happy 21st Terri - we truly hope you had a wonderful evening with memories to last a life time ~


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