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madhouse ~ a disorderly, often noisy place.

a wild, confused, & often noisy place, set of circumstances, etc.: The office was a madhouse today.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

~ One Very Happy Lady at Twisted Scissors ~

Isn't it funny how each day brings something different. In the industry that I work and live for I have the privilege of meeting some wonderful people and Jenny is one of them. What an absolute delight it was to talk with her about her make up requirements for her son's wedding today while the ever fabulous Michelle from Twisted Scissors Hair Salon in Calamvale created her beautiful hairstyle.

As you can see a face can tell a lot about someone's personality and with the gorgeous smile that graces Jenny's face you can tell that this lady is full of spirit - full of love - full of life - and full of laughter!

I had the utmost pleasure in 'playing with your face' today Jenny and wish for you the most magnificent afternoon for you and your family at such a special gathering. I am so glad I met you today *smiling* ~

Note: Jenny was wanting a subtle look that wasn't heavy on the eyes ~ please see below.

If you're wanting a make over that encapulates your essence as well as a fabulous hairstyle to match ~ please contact 

Michelle (Owner) of Twisted Scissors at Shop 6/Cnr Kameruka & Gowan Road, Calamvale
(07) 3711 5792 to make an appointment.

Wanting to look like a new woman? - Make that call today and spoil yourself - you deserve it!

Love & MaDness MargO!  X

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