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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anti-Depressants -

That needle is not working .....

Share or not to share? - Yeah I'll share ;D

Have been feeling dizzy in the head a bit so headed to the hospital last night. For those that don't know I was on anti-depressants during the time my Nan was in a nursing home and after her passing. Why? I couldn't cope (at all) with seeing how she was being treated - this lady - adorable loving lady that I grew up knowing. I was devastated beyond belief. For me being as strong as I am (usually) I was a putty of mess.

 I decided a little over a week ago to go off them cold turkey - not a good thing. For those on this type of medication (or any actually) you should obviously seek your doctor’s advice or at least wean yourself off them.

Whilst at the hospital I was weighed - the nurse actually put her foot over the reading - ????? - is it that bad! ... Um yeah it was - should really lose about 10kgs at least. She asked why I was on anti-depressants - mentioned Nan - began to cry.

 Went in for tests - Doctor mentioned Nan - cried again - move the topic of conversation I said ....

 Had ECG - *please put this robe on back to front Margaret - *which farken way is the right way? .... Well I guess if they're going to listen to my heart may as well put the darn thing on with the opening to the front - unfortunately everything from the front was falling out - laid back on the bed with a pillow over my gut and boobs - nurse asks - are you cold hunni - no I'm fine thank you - you sure she says - ?????? - I ask the question - have I got this thing on right as it doesn't fit - have you got anything larger as I have bits hanging out everywhere - nurse: ahh no sweetie you have it on back to front - fark - bahahahahahahaha - shame ......

 Doctor Chris - Margaret are you feeling healthy? - look down at my body - oh yeah this is healthy - Doc Chris - laughing and shaking head ....

 Numerous pricks in the arm to find blood - numerous yes! - Doctor Chris couldn't get blood out after 3 attempts and for someone who is such a wuzzy when it comes to being jabbed in the arm with a sharp stoke - hello enough already. I said to Dr Chris aren't you supposed to be a professional? - laughter ..... *He called for a nurse* -

Finally blood was taken from pretty nurse - I said to her - I want to play with your face - say what!!!!! - ha!! - yeah of course had to mention Queen - helloooooooo OPPORTUNITY! - ............ tests came back all good ..

 Have to keep check on my dizziness for another week and if continues CAT scan ....


 if no dizziness it was the anti-depressant meds coming down from my system.

 Don't do what I did - consult your quack!

*I'm still very fragile when it comes to my Nan (swallowing hard here) ... but will try and move on in life without meds........ we'll see .....

I wanted to share this with you as sometimes we have the perception of people and have no idea who they really are or what they have been through or going through.

 I'm no different - I'm just me - plain and simple ....

 *Remember before you judge .................. THINK!
Love the 'MaD fruit bat' XOXXOX

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