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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

John and I were at a shopping mall in 2006 doing our usual Christmas shopping when we were approached by staff working for World Vision. Many times we have walked past and turned a blind eye as we thought it was just another money grabbing enterprise that 'apparently' doesn't send money to where it should be going. After talking to this sweet girl about sponsoring she mentioned that Tim Costello was the CEO. This did make a difference as I was a champion of the Costello's - think Peter Costello. I won't get into politics but yes I am a supporter of his - well at least whilst he was in Government with Johnny Howard.

A Sao was ~ led to us ~ so we signed up there and then - the best decision ever. It is so fabulous receiving mail about her culture, how money is being spent to help her community, updates of her growing up and changing in her appearance, her family and how we are actually making a difference.

Everyone has an opinion on whether they should sponsor - all I can say is once again I am so glad we have.

We started sponsoring A Sao when she was 7 years old and now she will be soon celebrating her 14th birthday - Wow! *smiling here* .... ~ Isn't she just adorable ~

John and I hope to visit A Sao in Vietnam one day but for the moment we are just so happy and warm to help out her, her family and their village.

~ *Happy 14th Birthday A Sao* ~

~ *** ~

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